Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Evening Star

Are you the first star of evening,
come to grant my wish? Unexpected,
you have risen above my horizon;
unlikely, you shine against my night.

Were I a sailor, I would steer
by your bearings. Were I a shepherd
I would imagine angels in attendance
to your light and, following their song,

seek tomorrow’s king. But, alas,
I have neither ship nor sheep,
only a great many wishes. I know
you can not grant them, my Evening Star.

I know you shine so I may aspire
to hold the beauty of the night.

Stephen Brooke ©2004

--I don't think I've ever sat down and typed out a poem on my computer in a couple minutes before. This pretty much all came out in one breath and I suspect it will change in the eventual rewrite. As usual, a few references to traditional symbols. Can't seem to get away from that...and I don't know if most readers even recognize them. ~SB

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