Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Lad finally has wheels again! Some may know that The Shadow, my beloved Thunderbird, met an untimely end a few months ago when someone pulled right out in front of me on the highway. I guess Shadows are hard to see! And I am thankful that no one (not least, myself) was injured.

Well, I almost bought a new Bird. A new old one, that is, not one of the recent two-seaters. Not that I wouldn't like to have one! But instead, I found a nice mini-van...yeah, that's a bit of a change. It's a Chrysler Town and Country, full luxury version. It should be very nice for traveling as well as for transporting my father.

Explanation for those who don't know about that situation: I am in a care-giver role for my 90 year old dad, who is wheelchair-bound and suffers from dementia. As long as I can take care of him, he will NOT go to a nursing home. If he had, I doubt he would be alive now. Yeah, they do their best there but they can't give him the attention I can and there is always an increased risk of picking up infections in those institutions. This van will be a much better way to get him around than trying to get him in the front seat of my work truck.

It's purty...white with gold and silver trim and wheels. Very classy. I've long lusted for one of those classy white Les Paul electric guitars with the gold hardware. I guess this will have to fill that desire for now! :)

But it needs a name...

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