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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Another Florida Folk Festival has come and gone -- this was my fourth time to attend but the 52nd year for the festival. This is the grandmother of all folk festivals!

The first time I went up to White Springs, it was with my long-term GF, Sue. All else aside, I'll always be grateful to her for introducing me to the event and the folk scene in these parts. I found me a musical home and I'm not intending to move out.

The acts were pretty good -- a lot of familiar Florida faces, of course, favorites of mine such as Bettina Makley, Lucky Mud, Tampa Blue, and some many others. Some excellent headliners were there as well, like Spider John Koerner and the one and only Arlo Guthrie. His show was really great and I mean that!

Very hot and dry here over the weekend. It will wring one out pretty quickly. The Suwannee is WAY down. Good thing there was a plentiful supply of root beer floats and strawberry lemonade close at hand.

In other musical news...I and my friend Karen are working up a duo act we hope to trot out at an open mike or two before long. We've decided fairly certainly on the name 'Shadows on the Suwanee.' That's from the name of an old Johnny Burke song. And believe it or not, Miss Karen actually got me out on the dance floor at the festival...Steve does NOT dance. Much less, swing dance!

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