adventures in dysthymia

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


What flavors do you have?
Today was vanilla and so
was most of last week;
isn’t there something else
back there? Look in the bottom
of the freezer for me.
Any tooty-fruity or mocha?
No, no, not rocky road –
the way is hard enough
as it is. I’d rather
have another serving
of plain vanilla now.

Stephen Brooke ©2004

I had ice cream on my mind a couple days this weather that happens a lot! Only vanilla in the freezer and it got me to thinking and free-associating and all that poetic stuff.


Each night, lest memory fade,
I whisper your name three times --
my empty incantation,
long since grown meaningless.

This, the land of exile,
allows us no regret;
we have burnt our ships
in fear of the dark.

We are the fruit that falls
too soon and never ripens,
that holds its hard and lifeless
heart until all decays.

Each night, lest memory fade,
my mother whispers my name.
Does she remember the face
that once wore the word?

Stephen Brooke ©2004

Fantasy and free-association and symbols and all that. Trimeter, too.

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