adventures in dysthymia

Monday, July 26, 2004

Your love is not enough--
dreams are my daily bread.
You fill me with yourself;
you quench my deepest thirsts

and yet, in time, I starve.
Starve as a drunkard does
who craves only his bottle.
Starve as the junkie, wasting,

forgetful of desire
that can sustain a life,
of appetite, of lust
for heaven's very stars.

Your love is not enough--
tomorrow I would hunger.

  ~Stephen Brooke ©2004

Some think that love is all they need to be happy. Maybe some are right, but I've been thinking some serious thoughts and I know it would never be enough for me. My work is what makes me happiest...and love? It is the drink to wash down that satisfying meal of accomplishment.

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