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Friday, August 06, 2004

The new act debuts tomorrow night. My friend Karen Polka and I have been practicing a while (not nearly enough, due to the fact that we live 95 miles apart) and will hit the Cracker Coffeehouse open mike in White Springs on Saturday evening. I'm an old regular there, of course, as a solo performer and, if there aren't many acts there, may be called upon to do a second set on my own. Karen and I -- who have named our duo 'Shadows on the Swanee -- do not have nearly enough material worked up to do more than one turn at the mike.

Actually, only three songs: Shenandoah, You Are My Sunshine, and Happy Together (yes, the old Turtles song). Not in my best keys, either; one must compromise. Sunshine, for instance, I prefer to sing high, in D, but I'll be doing it in A with Ms Polka singing harmony.

Ha, for a long time I could not sing that song. It was 'Sue's song' -- her family, and I, called her 'Sunshine.' I would literally get tears in my eyes when I tried to perform it. Especially in that the words seemed all too appropriate a while back: 'you have shattered all my dreams.' Oops, I've a little moisture in my eyes right now. Steve is far too sentimental.

Anyway, the moment of truth approaches. We'll see how things go and then next Saturday (Aug 14) we start our regular gig hosting an open mike in Thomasville GA. More on that later...

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