Friday, September 17, 2004

Note: Adult material~


I truly can not choose the breast,
right or left, that I like best.
There they rest,
side by side;
must I run a lengthy test
ere I decide?

That's within my abilities.
I'll start with a simple squeeze,
if you please,
and from there
I may take further liberties
as I compare.

I'll take my time, no need for haste,
and not until my tongue has traced
each nipple graced
with your sweet wine
shall I take a fuller taste
of the divine.

But in the end, I am resigned--
I never will make up my mind,
for I find
that I am loathe
to choose, as we lie intertwined;
I like them both!

Stephen Brooke ©2004

Yeah, half-erotic, half-comic. Pretty normal for me...I can't help making jokes while making love.

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