Thursday, October 07, 2004

About the song, 'Far Away,' I posted this morning-- I had a restless night, sore back, lots on my mind. Along about two in the morning a train of thought came rumbling through and so, for the next hour, I was up and down scribbling lyrics. Then, I actually slept...therapy? Or maybe I was just too sleepy by then to stay awake longer.

This morning, I spent some time hammering out the flow, revising, etc. The first two verses are just about what I wrote in the night; the refrain and third verse saw a lot of rewriting. Then I worked on the tune. That's not something I usually do after the lyrics are complete. Just happened that way this time. My big concern was that it didn't turn out sounding like a Johnny Cash song! Too bad I can't show where the beats fall here. Well, I probably could but it would be too much hassle! It might not seem to flow right if one has only the words as a guide.

Anyway, it's more or less a finished piece. Been playing and singing it this afternoon (in A) and who knows...maybe I'll trot it out in public before too long.

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