Monday, October 11, 2004


Over the weekend I attended a bluegrass festival at the Pickers' Paradise Park up near Ocklocknee GA; the usual north Florida-south Georgia suspects were there. I have to admit they all kinda sound the same to me anyway...okay, I’m not really a big fan of bluegrass – I feel it over-emphasizes instrumental flash at the expense of the songs – but it was an okay way to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening. And the people involved are a friendly bunch; I ended up sitting late around the campfires and decided to throw a blanket on the ground and stay there overnight.

Ran into an acquaintance from the Florida folkie circles I more normally frequent, Carrie Hamby, who fronts the Tallahassee-based group Singing Biscuit (those who grew up in Indiana might know the origin of the name). Ms Hamby was playing bass with Fifth Gear. I don't know why so many bluegrass groups have women on them big ol' standup basses! I liked FG; they were certainly the most entertaining/energetic bunch to get on stage. Incidentally, their site is . I noted what sounded (to me) like a surf music influence in some of their songs -- sort of Dick Dale plays bluegrass.

But I still prefer Carrie's more folk-oriented group, which performs some of her originals. Incidentally, a cut of theirs was used on the Car Talk show on public radio a while back between segments. Might as well give her site too: .

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joey said...

Steve, so many women play bass in bluegrass bands because that's the hardest job and it gets the least recognition. You never get to sit down, have the heaviest load, and everybody wants you to back them up.