Thursday, January 20, 2005


No, I haven't got 'em. Been taking my meds! Spent last weekend at the Freedom Blues Festival in Tallahassee, with my pal/performing partner Karen. Three stages, electric, acoustic, big band R&B -- it was hard to decide which one to listen at.

But that's kind of par for the course at festivals. I'd never gone to a blues-oriented one before, though I show up at as many folk fests as I can fit in. Karen kind of talked me into this one, she being a big blues fan (and player). And not surprisingly she wanted to hang around the electric stage while I wanted to go see the finger-picking acoustic players. So we managed some of each.

I had particularly wanted to hear Veronika Jackson. I'd caught like the last five minutes of her act three different times at the Florida Folk Festival and finally managed to sit down for a complete set. Ms Jackson originally hails from SW Fla, as do I, but resides in Atlanta these days. My kind of music, folky acoustic blues, lots of honest emotion, good lyrics...lyrics seem just an excuse to jam for a lot of the electric guys.

Not that there weren't some good performances there, too. Smokin' Joe Kubic and B'nois King had a great set. Sarasota Slim (not a nationally recognized name, I know) always puts on an entertaining show (I'd caught him in clubs).

Hmm...maybe I should be practicing my own inimitably inept blues finger picking more. guitar.gif

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