Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm still very much a learner on this recording thing. For the live concerts, I've had to learn on the job and without much margin for error, I'm afraid...try to remember what I've read and heard, follow my instincts, and make the best of the options available. Oh, and I hear so many bad choices reflected in the recordings afterwards!

Still, I've been pleasantly surprised that most of it has come out as well as it did. Anyway...I've uploaded a short chunk o' music if anyone has nothing better to do with his or her time. It's from a piano recital last Spring. In deference to the player, I'll simply refer to her as Ms L. The piano is a Petrof, in a good sized hall. I was set up near the edge of the stage -- the closest practical spot -- so there is a certain amount of audience noise. My typical equipment, a pair of Oktava MC319s in a more-or-less DIN array (i.e. spread at 90 degrees), into my portable Fostex digital recorder.

The piece is lifted from a medley of hymn tunes.

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