Sunday, January 02, 2005

Last night I went up to the Stephen Foster state park for their regular first-saturday Cracker Coffeehouse open mike. Stephen Foster is in White Springs FL and a beautiful spot on the banks of the Suwanee. The park hosts the Florida Folk Festival, supposedly the longest continuous festival of its sort in the country -- the 53rd edition is coming up in May. Not too far from where I live and I like to keep in touch with the folks who run things there so I show up for this monthly coffeehouse when I can.

It was kind of a last minute decision this time and I was not really prepared so I ran through a few old things and certainly didn't impress myself, regardless of what the audience might have thought. There was a young -- well, young compared to me -- lady in attendance who had shown up there last August to make her first public appearance in fifteen years. Singer-songwriter type, as am I. In the few months between, she had managed to record not one but two CDs of her original material. Busy girl! But that reminded me of why I go to these things, which is to get my own songs out there.

It may be all well and good to practice my finger picking on Careless Love (or whatever) but, hey, I'll never be more than a mediocre player. So note to self, New Years resolution, etc....learn and practice your own songs, Mr Brooke! And get some of that material recorded.

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