Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Big changes -- or maybe just lots of little ones -- in my online presence lately. Tore down most of my website. It will be back, better'n ever. I have my illustrated chapbook, Pieces of the Moon, which I have been self-publishing the past year or so with a laser printer, now available at Lulu. It's going to cost more, I'm afraid, but it's probably better; certainly makes distribution simpler. And I unloaded the last copy I had printed just last week! Now that I have the process figured out, I'll put out more product. BTW, it is also available as a PDF download.

In Other Big Plans: I've been thinking for quite a long time about starting an online literary magazine. The space is there at my site...the question is whether I will have time. I'll make an announcement when I decide to go ahead with it. The name, not surprisingly, will be Peripheral Vision, the same as my Yahoo group.

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