Friday, March 04, 2005

I don't watch much television. I only have cable because my dad needs to be entertained...he likes to tell the folks on HGTV what they're doing wrong.

What do I watch on those rare occasions I turn the set on? Well, I do enjoy baseball and saw my first game of the season yesterday. I don't watch any other sports, to speak of. Oh, if I happened on some surfing footage I'd look at it. Maybe boxing, having been a boxer myself in my misspent youth. I can be entertained by pro rasslin' in small quantities (not that it's a sport, mind you).

And of course bodybuilding, having been seriously into that for a good portion of my adult life.

Mostly it's movies. Turner Classic gets turned on more than any other channel. Anything with Fred Astaire is good with me.

Reality shows leave me cold. Dramas? Comedies? Not a great deal to catch my attention these days. Shoot, there was never that much. Some sci-fi is okay. A lot of it sucks. Stargate (SG1, not Atlantis), the various Star Trek incarnations...they're not bad. Detective shows -- can't say anything out there really catches my interest right now. Monk, maybe. My all-time favorite was Miami Vice. I go for continuing stories with some depth.

Right now, I'm getting HBO free for a while (I wouldn't think of paying for it!) and I've discovered Deadwood. Now there's a show that has pulled me in. Some of the nastiest -- but surprisingly sympathetic -- characters I've come across. If one doesn't mind every other word starting with F and ending with K, it's a great watch.

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Bob said...

Amen here, on the Turner Classic channel... I keep that on a lot too, old movies are the best.