Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm using my 'studio' computer this morning because the one in the office -- my utilty PC -- is on the blink. I don't normally get on line with this machine because it's somewhat optimized for recording. It looks like I need to replace the memory card so maybe I'll upgrade while I'm at it. After all, the computer is less than three years old; it should have plenty of life in it yet.

Not going to be online much anyway the next few days. Tomorrow, up to Thomasville to record my friend Karen's performance at a bluegrass festival. Among the tunes she is doing is Lousiana Saturday Night...or as her daughter's friend asked, 'who is Lucy on a Saturday Night?' Then off to Alabama on the weekend for another recording gig, three choirs and a marching band in a basketball stadium. Oh boy, how I look forward to working out the logistics of setting up for that!

Other stuff in my life...working on adding The Tennessee Stud to my repertoire. In Bb, I think. Capoed from A, of course -- don't ask me to actually play in that key! Been burning-printing-packaging CDs for clients. I have all the stuff to do that here. Maybe not all that efficiently and I wouldn't want to do big runs, but when someone asks for 20 or 30 disks, I'm willing to oblige. And yes, I need to get onto recording my own stuff. Soon, I hope, soon.

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