Monday, March 14, 2005


God laughed. I couldn’t say
which Person started first
but I’ll bet it was the Spirit.
She has a sense of humor.

Naturally, the angels joined
in, though they weren’t
sure just what the joke was.
Folks on earth looked up

and smiled and way down deep
Ol’ Scratch was puzzled.
‘Are they laughing at me?’
he wondered, ever the suspicious sort.

That’s what got him in trouble,
you know, always thinking
he should be on top of whatever
was going on. No matter how bright

he shone, he couldn’t cast a light
on God’s mind. Oh, no, some things
are beyond even an archangel.
And God’s jokes are among them,

at least for those too busy
measuring their own world
to see any other. Count the stars,
friend; count until you fall asleep.

Stephen Brooke ©2005

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