adventures in dysthymia

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


dedicated to my friend Lynda

Her name means beautiful.

There is beauty in the small brown hands
that hold conversations with Beethoven
and with Chopin, breathtaking
reckless dialogs I could never follow.

Her name means beautiful,

and she is even now, though no longer
the prodigy, the crown-wearer,
who dazzled them back then, back there,
who made Ellington take notice.

Her name lives in her,

in face and in faith (more faith than I
will ever have), shining still,
with a little help from a strong
and stubborn spirit that does not forget

her name means beautiful.

Stephen Brooke ©2005

I'll be going up to Tuskegee this weekend to record my friend Lynda's piano recital and got to thinking about the meaning of her name -- hence this poem (which is so-so and will probably see rewrites down the line).

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