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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the LG-2

This is the guitar I learned to play on, many years ago -- the Gibson LG-2:

My sister bought it in '62, new, for something like $85 -- a fair amount of money back then. After she lost interest and my brother did the same, it was passed onto me and here it stayed. It's still my fave for fingerpicking. Slim neck, short (24 3/4") scale, good for a guy with smallish hands like me. Great sound, too, very warm -- not at all like the typical dreadnaught clank.

I've noticed that Gibson has done a reissue of the LG-2 as the Arlo Guthrie Model (I caught Arlo in concert last year -- great show) at a list price of $2,700. I think I'd better take good care of mine!

BTW, this is the guitar I call 'Lynda' after my friend of that name.

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