adventures in dysthymia

Friday, April 22, 2005


a song lyric by Stephen Brooke ©2005

verse 1.
When the sun is high
and the water's low,
There's no place better
we can go
than swimmin'.
We'll wade in the shallows,
dive in the pools,
Splash each other,
act like fools;
we're swimmin'

Swimmin' in the Swanee
on a hot summer day,
Washin' all our
cares away.
Work is done,
it's time to play;
We'll go swimmin' in the Swanee
on a sunny summer day.

verse 2
Head for the river,
just you and your buds;
No more frosts,
no more floods,
go swimmin'!
Get you a tube,
float along;
The current's steady
but it's not too strong
for swimmin'.

repeat chorus
verse 3
Water's as brown
as tea in a cup;
We'll find a cool spot
where a spring wells up,
gone swimmin'.
Just you and me,
two fugitives,
But keep your feet off the bottom
where the snappin' turtle lives
while swimmin'!

repeat chorus or something like that...

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