adventures in dysthymia

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Coffee, Kisses and Goodbyes

Another dawn, another Monday morning;
I hear you breathing gentle as I rise.
Another day, and I must take my leave now --
Coffee and kisses and goodbyes.

Sleep my love, sleep a little longer;
I will sit and watch you for a while.
Sleep and I will savor every minute,
A memory to mark my every mile.

And I'll hold you in my arms there in the kitchen,
Hold you as the coffee slowly brews,
Hold you till the moment I must leave you;
I know how much I have to lose.

Some dawn, I know that I must leave forever;
I've seen the love waning in your eyes.
Some dawn, another day than this one
Of coffee, kisses and goodbyes.

Stephen Brooke ©2005

Most likely this will be a song with the third stanza there serving as chorus. Much of the music is already being worked out in my head. The festival this past weekend got me thinking of someone in my past which provided the impetus for this.

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