adventures in dysthymia

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Last weekend I took another trip up to Tuskegee. My friend Lynda's daughter, Elena, was graduating with her degree in Electrical Engineering. Lynda, as I may have mentioned some time or another, teaches music there at the University, as well as being a mighty fine classical and jazz pianist.

Here's a picture of the graduation. I'm way up in the left corner, standing in front of the choir (and a mighty fine choir they are).

After it all -- the ceremony was held in the morning -- we all (meaning relatives of the proud grad plus me) went to have brunch in the campus hotel. Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, washed down with mimosas...I wonder how much weight I gained! A jazz trio held forth in the middle of the room (nice lookin' Carvin 6 string bass, sax, piano), with Lynda joining them as things wound down and knocking out a few of her own compositions. Which, btw, were first set down for posterity last month when I recorded her recital.

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