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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

My Florida Folk Festival Weekend

I was wandering about on Friday at the FFF, nothing much on the schedule that looked like a must-see at that moment, so I decided to slip into the AC in the bell tower where some guy named Bob Lind was playing. Must admit, the name didn't seem familiar...

But when I heard the voice and he mentioned 'Elusive Butterfly' I knew who he was. Great song writer and singer. Now I consider it the high point of the weekend for me. Yep, even better than hearing Emmylou Harris. The acoustics in there were tailor-made for Bob's voice and the intimate setting made for a marvelous experience.

I'm hoping that this was only the first of many Bob Lind appearances at White Springs. He lives in Florida these days, I understand, and only started performing again last year after a long hiatus.

Of course, there was a great deal of other good music there. This was my fifth visit -- a former girlfriend dragged me there a few years back and now I'm the one who goes every year. Haven't seen her there in a while though! I'll be writing up more on the weekend and posting some pics in a few days.

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