Thursday, June 23, 2005

some rough lines that came to me while I was out doing a mowing job this morning -- whether a WIP or just a couple throwaway verses, I don't know...

You can cozy up to the soundman,
Make the bartender your friend,
But there's one and only one
You can count on in the end.
No, it's not the manager,
the waitress who thinks you're cute;
At the first sign of trouble,
They're all gonna scoot!

The bouncer! The bouncer!
The bouncer is the guy!
He's the one who's there
When beer bottles fly!
Compliment his muscles,
Give him a free tee-shirt,
And never treat him like dirt!

some truth to this, and some personal the 'old days' I'd be working out in the gym with the same guys I saw bouncing in the evening...the fellow you give a spot in the morning may give you a hand that night.

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