adventures in dysthymia

Monday, June 06, 2005

Too silly to post anywhere other than here. And yes, pugs do walk around in little circles, it's a distinguishing feature of the breed.


When pug dogs dance they go round and round
Pug dogs are built close to the ground
Pug dogs don’t want to go to the pound
Pug dogs just go round and round

Pug dogs like you to scratch their tummy
Pug dogs love their dad and their mummy
Pug dogs will beg for something yummy
And pug dogs want you to scratch their tummy

When pug dogs walk they sorta shuffle
When pug dogs breathe they snort and snuffle
Pug dogs are small enough to fit in your duffle
But when pug dogs walk, they sorta shuffle

Stephen Brooke ©2005


Bob said...

Steve, this is the best, hehe, I love it... you really should post it around, it's true and humorous... I really got a laugh out of it.

Sherrie said...

I agree... it's the best read I've had in ages. Sometimes we need to laugh at poetry, but in a good way.

man that sounded terrible..but you know what I mean.