Monday, June 20, 2005

Well, I was right...there was a song in that quinzaine I posted last week...


chorus 1
I saw your picture in the personals,
Right there on Yahoo.
Said you’re looking for a man;
‘Bout anyone would do!
I thought you told me you were mine
And our love was true;
So what are you doing in the personals,
Looking for someone new?

verse 1
That picture of you looks so familiar –
Wasn’t I by your side?
You cropped me right out of the photo;
Darling, that hurts my pride.
And here’s another little thing
That leaves me mystified:
Why are you listing yourself as a widow
And telling folks I died?

repeat chorus 1

verse 2
You look real nice there on the screen,
Have a winning smile;
Wondered what you’re looking for
And read through your profile.
I see you’d like a guy who’s loaded,
Maybe has a private isle;
Why can’t you just be happy with
A trailer park lifestyle?

chorus 2
I saw your picture in the personals,
Right there on Yahoo;
You ask what I was doing there,
What I was planning to do.
Maybe I was only curious,
Maybe just browsing through,
Or maybe I was in the personals
Looking for someone new!

Stephen Brooke ©2005

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