Friday, June 10, 2005

Well, looks like I'll have an exciting weekend of watching it rain as the Tropical Storm Arlene heads up this way. It looks like she'll stay west of us, so there shouldn't be much wind, but all the precipitation is out on this side of the system.

Starting to get myself together to record the new album. The last one, the EP, was supposed to have a quick follow-up but here it is more than a year later. The title, at least tentatively, is Deadman Bay. For those who don't know, DB is the body of water directly to the left of me (that would be the west) as I type this. That's where the Steinhatchee River meets the Gulf of Mexico. And yes, Steinhatchee River is redundant in that 'hatchee' mean 'river' but so it goes.

Anyway, Deadman Bay is one of the songs I've chosen for this one. I have a list of fifteen titles and will probably stick with them. I am going to try to keep a running diary of the recording sessions and all that at my new-ish Xanga blog. I am hoping to get someone other than myself to play on this one! But just in case I can't, I'm learning the mandolin. :)

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