adventures in dysthymia

Saturday, June 25, 2005

You can call me the unlucky lad for now. Yesterday, as I was working on replacing a floor, I caught my toe on a piece of loose 2 X 4 as I was hopping down between the floor joice to the ground and twisted my knee (the right one) pretty badly. Hey, if I wasn't a flexible yoga-doin' guy, it might have been worse.

(Can you believe that I can't find the word 'joice' in any of my dictionaries or spell checker? I've been using it all my life, being around construction. I'm pretty sure I'm spelling it right!)

Anyway, it's mighty sore and I'll be on my feet as little as possible the next couple days. I suppose (hope?) that it's strained tendons. Nothing new for me...I'm pretty accident prone. I do know that complete recovery could be weeks, even months. Oh well!

Now excuse me, I need some more ibuprofen.

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