Sunday, July 10, 2005


My bodhran is limp from the rain,
Its sound is thoroughly bad;
Instead of a sturdy thud,
My drumming is weak and sad.

Whatever can one do
When goat skin chooses to sag?
Playing a flabby bodhran
In this constant rain is a drag.

It's the same with everything else:
My guitar's too damp to tune it
And my allergies have me stopped up--
Don't ask for a song, I can't croon it!

Perhaps I would do better
To move to a different clime,
But how do the Irish play bodhran
In a land where it rains all the time?

Stephen Brooke ©2005

Still a-rainin' and a-blowin' here. The river only spilled over this morning down on some low sections of road near the mouth. I suppose it could be over its banks again at high tide this afternoon.

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Bailey said...

Stay dry, but if you can't stay dry at least stay safe!