Thursday, July 21, 2005

A little secret, known mostly by those who drop by Janis Ian's message board (the friendliest musician's MB I've ever found) occasionally: the Two-millionth visitor to Ms Ian's site will receive 'one of everything.' There are only a couple thousand to go -- of course, I intend to win but if by some fluke I don't, here's your opportunity. Take a pic (hit the print screen button and save it) to prove you're #2000000.

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Steve B said...

Alas, I hit the site while the counter still had 25 to go...when I went back after lunch, I was number two-million twenty-eight. Apparently the 'real' winner was someone who hit the site for four seconds and moved on, unaware of the momentuous occasion, so visitor 2,000,001 (a regular there on the message board) got the prize.