Saturday, July 09, 2005

Still looks pretty good here in Steinhatchee, Dennis-wise, as the storm continues tracking toward the western panhandle area. A couple of small outer rain bands passed through yesterday evening and it's been fairly quiet since. But now (about 10:30 AM) the wind is starting to pick up and radar shows major storm bands just south of us -- reckon we'll be feeling some weather shortly.

Wouldn't be surprised if there was some flooding tonight. High tide will be in the wee hours, the same time we're likely to get the most wind and storm surge. It shouldn't be major, though; the river might go over its banks...or it might not. Certainly nothing like what would happen if a major storm came ashore here. We got a taste of that with the so-called 'storm of the century' in March of '93. Ah, that was fun. I had four foot of water in the place I was staying then and pretty much lost everything I owned. Fortunately, I now live atop a hill and need only worry about my trailer blowing away or an oak tree falling on it.

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Bob said...

I hope things go good for you down there, Steve... I keep hearing Steinhatchee on the radio and TV... I hope the worst passes you by :)