Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Still no dial tone -- phones have been out since the big wind. It's a good thing I have a cable connection these days or I'd really be cut off, especially since I haven't bought me one of them new-fangled cell doohickeys yet. And, being proud of my cheap-skate reputation, probably won't.

Finally buckled down and designed the packaging for my friend Lynda's CD. Naturally, I need to phone her and get some particulars -- her computer has been broken for YEARS now so emailing is not an option. I wouldn't be surprised if she got more impact from Dennis there in Tuskegee than I did.

Tomorrow is the birthday of my friend and sometime musical partner, Karen Polka. I suppose I have to attend the party. And take a gift. My afore mentioned reputation won't help me there...have to buy something. Probably at the Wal-mart on my way up to Thomasville. Gee, you'd think just my presence (not presents) would be enough, wouldn't you?

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