Sunday, August 07, 2005

Went up to White Springs last night. Big crowd...of performers. We were limited to two songs each so I didn’t attempt the song I’d been working up last week, The Rainbow Connection (yeah, Kermit’s song). They ought to do like most open mikes and make it first come, first served. If you sign up first, you get to do your three songs and if you’re late, too darn bad! (Steve grumbles under his breath here.)

My three songs usually take less time than a lot of people’s two songs, though. I keep ‘em short and don’t run on endlessly about nothing between pieces. Either some performers have no sense about the need to keep things moving or they’re just plain selfish.

Or maybe it’s just my own roots showing and I should mellow out a little. But I still think most songs shouldn’t go more’n two-and-a-half minutes. I start to yawn after that.

Heard about a song contest coming up while I was there – entries due the end of this month. The theme has to be ‘springs.’ Water springs, that is, not the seasons nor the kind that absorb shocks. It’s sponsored by a little festival at the Rainbow Springs State Park down south of me a way. I think I’ll try to get something together.

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