Friday, September 02, 2005

Lucky Lad?

Steve is a Winner! I entered a giveaway at one of the message boards I visit and won this microphone from Front End Audio. Thanks, Warren!

It may not be as good (time will tell) as my Audio-Technica 4049s but rather nice, none the less, and could prove useful, maybe as an acoustic guitar mike, on percussion, etc.

Well, the big Labor Day weekend is almost upon us and no one wants to drive with the gas situation. That's going to hurt a resort town like this which depends on visitors, especially on the big holidays. I'll probably get out some. Plan to go scalloping -- the one good thing is that there will probably be fewer people in the water competing for them. I'm hoping that the storms haven't had much impact on the flats here.

My friend/musical partner Karen Polka still intends (last I heard) to come down and try her luck with the scallops too. Then, most likely, up to White Springs on Saturday night for the open mike at the Stephen Foster Park. We'll see if the gas thing keeps folks away from there too!

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