Monday, September 12, 2005

Some little announcements: first, y'all be sure to drop by and read the September edition of Carolina Potpourri. Sherrie's done a great job, once again. And some of you submit some material!

Second, I have new product up at my Cafe Press shop. I've neglected it far too much. More merchandise will be showing up. Count on it!

Third, just thought I'd mention that I have a couple shows coming up in two weeks, both up in Georgia. The Barwick Festival, held of course, in Barwick on Saturday the 24th and a benefit for the Thomasville Humane Society at the Pebble Hill Plantation on Sunday the 25th. Anyone who reads this and is anywhere near the area, came by. Especially Barwick...they won't be asking for money there. :D

Oh, realized I didn't make it clear that those were music shows, not art. I'll be playing ~S

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