Thursday, September 29, 2005

Watched most of Scorsese's Dylan documentary earlier this week. Interesting, yeah, but I'd say that anyone interested in Bob's musical career during that period (mid 60s) would do better to start with the concert documentary made during the period, Don't Look Back, and make your own conclusions about his artistry without all the commentary.

Had a couple gigs on the weekend. The first turned out to be kind of lousy. Not one of those legendary gigs from hell -- more like a gig from purgatory. Though it was certainly hot enough on a steel stage under the mid-day sun to feel pretty close to hell. The sound system (or maybe the sound man) left much to be desired too. But we got through it without too much trouble and were almost in tune with each other.

Sunday was much nicer. Can't blame the sound man there for any problems in that I was doing double duty and running my own PA. I even did some recording of the performance; what with it being a Humane Society show there is quite a bit of barking in the background!

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