Thursday, October 20, 2005


Only the finest all natural ingredients
Went into writing this song
Organically farmed, no dolphins were harmed
That just plain would be wrong
Only the most politically correct
Words are used in this song
Don’t be alarmed, we have disarmed
Can’t we all get along?

It’s a folk song for today
You can hear it in any café
Offense is not our way
So we’re careful what we say
It’s a folk song for the new age
Not a trace left of our rage
We smile and step on stage
And lock the door to our cage

Only simple pleasant thoughts
Will be found in this song
Won’t give you pause, won’t stick in your craws
And never seem too strong
Only the best of good intentions
Went into writing this song
It’s for a good cause, it breaks no laws
We want everyone to belong

Stephen Brooke ©2005

Maybe just a throwaway. It reminds me too much of some of my acquaintances' tedious attempts at humorous songs.

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