Sunday, December 11, 2005

Today is my Aunt Dotty's birthday. Eighty-something...a few years younger than my mom, anyway! Unfortunately, she is spending this birthday in the hospital; I'm off to visit in a few minutes.

She was admitted with pneumonia, anemia, bleeding ulcers and God know's what else. Expected to get through, though she was placed in the ICU yesterday. I think that was more to keep her from trying to get up and do stuff on her own than because of her condition. She is not the most cooperative patient.

Anyway, we are pretty much the only family she haves (having never married) and definitely the closest, so I am back into something of the role I was filling for my dad. Not care-giver, per se, but the guy who takes responsibility for her affairs.

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Bailey said...

Here's wishing your aunt a Happy Birthday then... wish it was under better circumstances.