Tuesday, January 10, 2006

LET THEM GO (revised)

The night swallowed stars
like sugar in strong coffee
until the skies swam
in storm and darkness

conversed with the wind.
Could you make out the words?
Did our names become
leaves upon the gale?

Let them go.

How long could we believe
the hidden stars yet shone?
How long could we offer
our hearts to the sightless sky?

The night swallowed the scraps
of yesterday, each spent,
hoarded passion loosed
from a wearied grasp.

Let them go.

I summoned all my dreams
for you, became your hero.
I bore the very lightning
of my soul to you,

brought down my guarded towers.
I am done; I have
thrown myself away.
The night has swallowed me.

Let me go.

Stephen Brooke ©2006

yeah, yeah, decidedly melodramatic, etc etc...I thought I'd throw up this very first-draftish piece anyway. (after posting this, I added the 8 middle lines. an improvement, I think. The jump was too long between the first and last stanzas)

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