Thursday, January 26, 2006


Of course, I could be in love. It happens,
has happened before. But you know me,
I’m the cautious guy. I’m the guy who has
to be sure before he hands over his heart

and even then, ah, even then it has
been handed back once or twice. No different
than you, right? So here comes that day again,
that mid-February hearts-and-candy day,

when I suppose I should say something and maybe
mean it. Or maybe not; if any day was right
to test the waters of romance, it’s this one.
I’ll buy a card or three and throw them in.

Something ventured – but not too much –
and something gained, perhaps. And my heart?
I could hand it over some other day, lace trimmed
and pasted on crimson paper.

Stephen Brooke ©2006

Valentines Day is not too far off and that thought led to this bit of conversational verse.

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