Sunday, February 05, 2006

White Springs

It was nice to get out and play last night -- I should more frequently! My friend/musical partner Karen and I went up (or down, for her) to White Springs and performed as 'Shadows on the Swanee.' We even managed to muddle through three songs without a major disaster!

Big crowd, the biggest I've ever seen there. Seems there was a write-up in some newspaper or another that drew folks in. That's all to the good; hope some of 'em come back! Plenty of talented people there, banjoist/dulcimerist Mary Cox serving as MC, the lovely Lucinda Gail Makley Maynard (Bettina Makley's big sis), and of course Scottish folk singer Jack Beck who now resides in White Springs with his folklorist wife Wendy Welch (director of the Florida Folk Festival and one of the nicest people you'd ever hope to meet). Loads of others, too. Great to see so many talented folks.

Reckon I (or we) will be back for more!

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