Wednesday, March 15, 2006


(verse 1)
We have the night and we have a song,
So I reckon this is where we belong;
And when we’re playing around the campfires,
A little festival wine inspires.
Oh, no, it isn’t quite strictly permitted,
But it won’t matter if you're keen-witted;
There’s nothing better to get you loose –
Just disguise it as cranberry juice.

Festival wine, festival wine,
A glass or three would go down fine.
Don’t mind that bug swimming in your mug,
Just take a big glug of festival wine!
Festival wine, festival wine,
That’s an offer I’ll never decline
Fill me up another paper cup
And I’ll drink more of that festival wine.

(verse 2)
Anyone who knows me well
Knows my fondness for Zinfandel;
But I would never turn away
A bottle of that sweet Rose’.
Make it red, make it white,
I’ll sit by the fire and share it all night.
Mine is yours and yours is mine;
We’re gonna share some festival wine!

(repeat chorus)
Yes, fill me up another paper cup
And I’ll drink a toast of festival wine!

Stephen Brooke ©2006

A song lyric, still a tad rough maybe, inspired by the past weekend. Music is a lot rougher at this point!

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