Sunday, April 23, 2006

What 80's Butt Rocker Are You?

You are Slash, the top hat wearing searing axeman for Guns n Roses. A self-taught guitarist who makes such a beautiful noise with a Gibson Les Paul, that it makes Les Paul himself gently weep! You are the epitome of cool. You follow no style other than your own. You are quiet & somewhat reserved, but when you do have something to say it is always profound in that Silent Bob sort of way, making everyone around you pay attention. You are very opinionated, but respectful of others. You have strong convictions and are unbendable when it comes to standing up for what you believe in. You would rather do nothing at all than be forced into doing something that you don't have your heart in 100%, even if there could be great rewards in it for you. You are sensitive about many things, and take other people's feelings into consideration (most of the time). You try not to bring a lot of attention to yourself because you prefer your privacy, so you often wear your hair down long and pull a hat down on your head to cover most of your face. However this has become your signature style and makes you even more recognizable. Coming from biracial parentage, you carry somewhat of a duality about you. That is reflected in all things that you create, and the many different types of things that interest you. It also reflects in your personality - while you are quiet and reserved most of the time, you have another side in you that likes to let loose and party down when you feel the need. When you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you can be qute short-tempered and mean, so you try your best to avoid using such substances. Your addictive personality makes that a difficult thing to maintain, but you're strong willed and most of the time you do ok.
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