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Sunday, May 21, 2006

ramblin' on...

Okay, so Barry Bonds tied up Babe Ruth's home run record yesterday and will no doubt surpass it shortly. I reckon Hank Aaron's record is safe from BB, however. Someone will break it someday. Anyway, the whole steroids thing keeps popping up.

Now Steve knows from steroids. I hung around enough gyms in my earlier days to know how prevalent their use was and probably still is. Did Barry use roids? Oh, probably, though the regimen I've seen described sounds pretty amateurish compared to some of the 'stacks' the bodybuilders and power-lifters utilize(d). Still, it undoubtedly gave him a little extra strength...but hitting homers is more a matter of skill than strength. Did hitting a little further give him more balls that went over the wall? Sure, a few.

Here's the thing -- lots of guys in baseball (and other sports) use or have used steroids. Until fairly recently it was more-or-less legal. So Barry was facing other players, including pitchers, who had enhanced their performances. It all equals out. For health reasons, I suppose it is best that steroids are against the rules now but I don't think they have mattered that much.

Certainly not enough for Congress to be wasting time investigating them.

Well, on the subject of baseball and testosterone, I was reading about the fact that coaches and scouts have long recognized that guys with long ring fingers, in proportion to their 'pointers', made good pitchers. It was theorized that it gave a better grip...nope. We know now that it is related to spacial skills.

A direct relationship has been shown between the length of the ring finger and the amount of testosterone to which a fetus is exposed while in the womb. Early exposure to the 'male' hormone (a misnomer since woman have it too, just less) has a variety of effects, some good (well, sorta) like right-brainedness and spacial and math abilities and some not so good (like a tendency toward depression and even autism). Yes, Steve has a long ring finger. Y'know, I never paid any attention before but now I find myself looking at peoples hands! :D

Other news: next weekend is the Florida Folk Festival, once again! My sixth time going (only as a spectator -- maybe I'll perform one of these years?). The head-liner is Rosanne Cash this year. Three days, a dozen stages and workshops going all at once. I hope to make all three days but, for the first time, may not manage it. We'll see. I'll definitely be there on Saturday, with friends. For more on the festival:

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