adventures in dysthymia

Friday, May 12, 2006

a sijo:

Our highways crossed as we traveled toward the dawn.

Did you glance into your mirror and see me as I paused?

These what-ifs and might-have-beens overflow my box of dreams.

Stephen Brooke ©2006


tooners said...

hmmmm... i thought arnold was short. i've always heard that, but is he taller than jack? and from my experience in gyms and such, i always noticed that short guys were the ones w/ the big bulky muscles... like they're trying to prove something.

and i believe that there are those men out there that *do* overcompensate for things by buying fast cars, big cars and chasing women. i see it here, especially in the Gulf but i also saw it in the States!

Steve B said...

I did say that men overcompensate for perceived inadequacies. I do myself. The point was that these needs are established long before we hit puberty, having more to do with being the kid chosen last for the team than with anything related to sex.

Yeah, Arnold is fairly tall, especially for a competitive bodybuilder. Officially something like 6'1" but probably closer to 5'11" in reality.

tooners said...

interesting points. i wonder what it is about the guys here then. not all play sports and it's totally different than in the States... you have housekeepers that do everything and the children want for nothing... so i wonder what pushes a man down that specific path here. i would bet that a lot of it does have to do w/ sexual stuff ... here. but not sure.