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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I've been back a while from my little jaunt north. Not to the North -- went no further than Tennessee. Did some visiting, saw some sights, laid down some tracks at the Artists and Vagrants Studio (my niece and nephew's place). That was mostly to check out how the studio space and equipment performed and to do sort of a dry run on having musicians come in and use the facility. They can play with those scratch tracks if they wish but I'll probably produce my own album here. If I ever get around to it.

They're using Pro Tools at A&V (the LE version, not the high-end stuff) which is okay but I've decided against following that route...even though it would make it easier to share tracks between our studios (in my case, I use the word studio in a very loose sense). I've been auditioning various software approaches and have made some choices. I want midi and audio to work from the same interface. It would be nice to be able to compose in the program in which I record; I can do that quite readily in my old cheapo standby, Power Tracks, which is why I've just upgraded it and will continue to utilize it at least for some of my work. Eventually, I may want something that integrates video and 5.1 sound as well. I've pretty much settled on Adobe's Audition -- I have an older version and may, in time, go for the upgrade there.

On my way back to Steinhatchee, I stopped off in Tuskegee to visit my Lynda. It had been too long since we've managed to get together! I do not intend to let it go so long again...and, who knows, I might just be moving closer to her. And I have to get her recorded again one of these days!

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tooners said...

My husband has an in-home studio. He uses Pro Tools and such.. don't know that much of the details... but if you're interested, you can get to his link from my blog. It's called Alfanan's Radio.

Sounds like you had a nice trip.