adventures in dysthymia

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Those were summer nights on the beach –
the stars would crowd the sky, the phosphorescent waves
tumbled, faded about the piles of the pier.

I remember the pier, its floating lights,
and I remember distant lightning over the Gulf
and the lightning of Fourth of July fireworks.

Has it grown too late to spread a blanket
on the sugar sand, to play my guitar
once more, softly, for the night?

For the night and for you – ah, youth
was never that sweet yet I remember
the way a summer night should be.

Stephen Brooke ©2006

It's definitely been a while since I've written much here. Still busy moving to the new house; I expect it will be another three or four weeks before I'm able to load up a big rental truck and move all my furniture over. Lots of repair work and cleanup to do first. And I doubt we'll be completely finished with the move and getting the Steinhatchee property on the market for a good while yet. I do still intend to have Thanksgiving dinner at Peanut Road...and maybe a house warming party before then!

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