Sunday, October 08, 2006

or, All About Princes

I. Wands

It's too late, you know;
everyone's gone home
and your coach is a pumpkin.
The prince slipped out with both
your step-sisters, saying
he digs girls with big feet.
Magic wands don't do
the job anymore, kid.

II. Kiss

Think, before you kiss
that sleeper awake, young prince.
Think of happiness.
Might not she be better so
than married to the first
guy who wandered in?
Most times, it's wise to let
sleeping princesses lie.

III. Hair

Your mom had a thing
for fresh produce. Is
that why you have such

a healthy head of hair?
Nothing like a good
start, despite what witches

and towers bring later. Let it
down and catch a prince.

IV. Apple

So you choked on another
one, did you? Nothing
to say other than

there are a lot of poison
apples out there this year.
Sleep on and I will be

all seven dwarfs until
your next prince rides by.

V. Straw

Maybe that little guy
would make a good father
to your first born. Did you

consider that? Better
than your husband with
his greedy spinning wheels.

Growing up a prince
is overrated, anyway.

Stephen Brooke © 2003, 2006

The first two of these were written three years ago and have been posted before, the other three just recently. Maybe I'll have more in another three years.

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