Sunday, October 01, 2006

A pair of lightweight poems:


I could write a tune
and use your name
but I never liked
those songs built
on girls’ names, Diana
or Suzanne.

Maybe Michelle’s okay
but I don’t
sing well in French, not
that it stopped Paul.
Anyway, all my songs
are about you

and I couldn’t go
calling them all
by the same name,
now could I?
Not unless I used
numbers, too.

Stephen Brooke ©2006

I really don't like songs based on girls' names! :)


Where do you travel, this fine day?
I but seek to find my way.

May I journey by your side?
As you wish; the road is wide.

Would you let me take your hand?
You may ask but not demand.

Then, if I kissed you, would you cry?
To find out you need but try.

Will you love me if I love you?
Only if you love me true.

And if false my love should be?
I would surely set you free.

But if I should beg your pardon?
Once betrayed, my heart must harden.

What if my pleas were filled with passion?
Oh, but that is all the fashion.

If I love you will you love me?
Your love must be as deep as the sea.

What must I give to prove my love?
Give yourself; it is enough.

Stephen Brooke ©2006

I just came across the 'Pregunta' form, these rhymed question/answer couplets and had to attempt it.

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