Friday, January 12, 2007

The house, the studio, etc...

Well, it's been about ten weeks since I moved to Peanut Road; lots done so far, even more to do yet! I'm still getting water into the house via a garden hose but that's not really a hardship. I'll lay some PVC pipe from the well eventually. Of course, there's still a lot of stuff sitting around in boxes and the art studio/office is nowhere near ready to use.

With some nice, albeit cool, days lately, I've been working outside. The chainsaw has been very busy clearing scrub trees (way too many mimosas, which are little better than a weed), branches that scrape the roof, and a monster wisteria that threatens to swallow the entire acre and a half. It's looking better now and will look better yet later. The camellias are blooming; could the azaleas be far behind? Next month, I reckon. And by next month, I'd better be planting stuff -- trees especially, but also planning for garden. Definitely need to put in some blueberries, some figs.

I'll eventually also get the recording studio into order. I guess it's what would be called a 'project studio.' A little more elaborate than a 'home studio' but not quite at the full commercial studio level. But then, I've been concentrating on the mobile recording and upgrading things there, rather than the studio itself. Recently moved up from the portable Fostex recorder I've used the last three years. It's not a bad piece of equipment and quite reliable, but it's not really 'pro.' I'll keep it as my backup and for gigs where I don't want to carry the more expensive stuff.

The more expensive stuff being an Alesis Masterlink recorder and a Presonus MP20 preamp. I'd feel completely confident using them to record classical or jazz, expecially with my good mikes. Anyway, I'll eventually get the indoor studio up to snuff too and may, in time, convert the carport into a tracking room.

No recording jobs on the immediate horizon -- did some work in December, usually my busiest time for doing choirs and such -- so I reckon it's time I did some recording of my own. Maybe the spoken word project I've had on the back burner...maybe an actual music CD. After all, it's been like three years since I did the 'Dust and Stars' EP. I'd better get busy before the spring festivals take my attention.

Speaking of festivals, I finally made an attempt to get into the Florida Folk Festival as a solo performer this year. Turned down, alas, not that it was unexpected. However, my niece and nephew's duo will be there (Mean Mary and Frank) in White Springs on Memorial Day weekend. They got in on the first's nice to have talent! I'll probably be there as a paying spectator at least part of the weekend. I'll try to make the Will Mclean festival in March too; it's further to go now that I'm in the Panhandle. And I will eventually be able to make it over to the First Saturday Coffeehouse in White Springs too. I used to be there regularly when it was only 65 miles. Now it's like three times that far. :(

Some Mean Mary news: the premiere of the television program, Cafe Americana, that Mary is producing/hosting in the Nashville area is finally being recorded. It should air before this month is over. More episodes to come, we hope! In that I have influence with the producer, I may just guest on it myself one of these times. I guess I should practice more!

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