adventures in dysthymia

Monday, January 22, 2007


Never been that wild and crazy,
Mostly just laid back and lazy,
Looking only to find my way
To the end another day.
But lately I’ve felt out of touch,
life’s closed in a little too much.
So, get me away from the multitude –
I’m in a Margarita mood.

Mariachi music, Mexican food,
South of the border attitude.
I need a Latin interlude;
I’m in a Margarita mood.

I could use a little fun,
Soaking up some tropical sun,
Or surfing off a jungle beach;
Right now, it lies beyond my reach.
So, if that fruit must be forbidden,
I’ll dream of the waves I’ve ridden
And the girls I’ve pursued –
I’m in a Margarita mood.

Mariachi music...

Life can be more than regrets,
Should-have-beens and lost sunsets;
I know a place without a care
And I can dream until I’m there.
Traveling southward in my mind,
Across the border to unwind,
Where the world can’t intrude –
I’m in a Margarita mood.

Mariachi music....

Stephen Brooke ©2007

Yes, a song and, yes, a bit Buffet-like. Well, it mentions Margaritas anyway! :)

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